An 18-year sales and marketing veteran and seven-figure producer in two separate Direct Sales businesses before the age of 35, Andrew Cass is a nationally recognized expert and speaker on the topics of Direct Response Marketing and Direct Sales training. He is the founder and editor of the first-ever iPad Magazine on the topic of ‘selling’, now featured on the Apple Newsstand, Direct Selling Insider, is host of the Sales Velocity Podcast, now in Apple iTunes, and author of the book, Sales Velocity, soon to be featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

He is one-of-the-few ‘Dan Kennedy Certified’ Business Advisors, co-author with Dan Kennedy in, The Ultimate Success Secret (South Florida Edition), and Founder of the Renegade South Florida Entrepreneur’s business growth group, in partnership with GKIC Insider’s Circle.Andrew is currently Co-Founder and President of RemarkaMobile, a leading Direct Sales organization in the Mobile Marketing space. He also runs his own private business growth mastermind groups and provides high-level, one-one-one business coaching specializing in lead generation and sales funnel development for small business owners and Entrepreneurs.